Scholarship foundation


The student union in Sundsvall receives continuous information about new and old scholarships that are possible to apply for. Unfortunately, this also means that we have limited opportunities to keep our own register active. We therefore refer to to see a wide list of foundations and funds that offer scholarships for your studies. 

Please note that we do NOT encourage students to pay for application processes. We ask you instead to search for each foundation's and fund's own website to first find out if there is a free application process.

Student Scholarship Foundation

he Student Scholarship Foundation at Mid Sweden University is established by the student unions at Mid Sweden University and is today managed by the Student Union in Sundsvall and the Student Union in Östersund. The foundation's purpose is to promote education and research in the region. The foundation manages, through investments in various funds and shares, donations from various donors and distributes scholarships from the return to eligible applicants. The foundation manages donations from the following donors: Börje Hörnlund, Kari Marklund, Klas Lif, Mitthem, the Student Unions at Mid Sweden University and Östersund Municipality.

Scholarships can be obtained for the following purposes:
  • Support primarily for undergraduate education and for in-depth education and research at Mid Sweden University. Support in some cases for degree project / scientific thesis.
  • For the promotion of international exchange.
  • Support to increase and arouse interest in research careers.
  • For travel expenses within or outside Sweden of particular importance for education or research.
  • For education up to an academic undergraduate degree in socially aggravating circumstances (illness, disability, etc.).
The scholarship foundation currently manages five different funds:
  • Student fund
  • Kari Marklund's fund
  • Börje Hörnlund's fund
  • Östersund Municipality Fund
  • Mitthem's fund


The application for a scholarship is submitted via a special form to the student union. Application forms are provided digitally. Please note that the application must be filled in correctly as incomplete applications as well as applications or supplementary documents that have been received after the end of the application period will not be considered. The application is submitted or sent to the respective union office. Send it to

You will also find form for supervisor certificate here.


Upon receipt of a scholarship, reporting must take place in the form of an essay or an account of what the scholarship has been used for.

Application deadline

The last day to apply is April 1 2022. Utdelningen av stipendium sker före vårterminens utgång, vanligtvis vid examensfirande.