Student unions

Student unions

At Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, there are six student associations. These are available to promote student life and help you students during your study period. The division between the associations takes place depending on which program or subject you are studying. Below is a short presentation of all line associations.

SUS is the student association for all teacher students and social science students who study at Mid Sweden University's campus in Sundsvall. We arrange events on the side of the plug, everything from parties, to cinema evenings and teacher evenings/social science evenings. We will be by your side from day one until the day you examine.

Overall color: Pink
Mascot: Bäckman

You who study nursing, criminology, health and rehabilitation
in working life or something else in health sciences belongs to the association Emboli.
Emboli is a non-profit association at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall that is independent of religion, party politics or any union. We at Emboli are there to help you students get as good a study time as possible. We do this partly by having a close contact with both the school and the business community, so that you can always turn to us if you have any questions, but also by arranging different types of events and parties.

Overall color: White
Mascot: Berra

The Swedish Journalists' Association Sundsvall, JFS, is a student association for all journalism students at Mid Sweden University, and a line association at the Student Union in Sundsvall, SKS. We at JFS are here to help students have as good a study time as possible. You can always turn to us with your thoughts and thoughts. And of course we will organize a lot of fun activities too!

Overall color: Yellow
Mascot: Majsan the Duck

Committ student associastion consists of students from Communication and PR and Graphic Design. The association is active at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall and works to affirm the members' interest in both student life and business in the communications industry.

Overall color: Black
Mascot: Barbaskön

μtec is the student association that is dedicated to everyone who studies a scientific or technical studies
at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. μtec is an association with the aim of promoting contact between
business and students, maintaining a high quality of education, monitoring and representing members'
rights and working for friendship and well-being for our members. We achieve this by
arranging workshops and other events with companies, participating in quality-enhancing
educational meetings with the university, representing our members where needed and organizing the
largest and most appreciated events and parties.

Overall color: Purple
Mascot: Darkwing Duck

Sundekon is Mid Sweden University's oldest line association and you who study Business Administration (FEK) or Economics (NEK) have the right to be a member. Sundekon is there to make student life a little easier and more fun. By having close contact with the school and Sundsvall's business community, we organize various events together with various companies in the area that can help you later in working life. In addition, we also hold events and parties to promote the social between you students. You can always contact us with questions.

Overall color: Blue
Mascot: the Smurf

Our student associations
Committ (Communication and more)
Emboli (Nurses and health care)
JFS (Journalists),
MyTec (Scientists and engineers)
Sundekon (Economist)
SUS (Social sciences and teachers)

All student associations are legal entities and thus independent of the Student Union in Sundsvall. We therefore do not take responsibility for each association's activities unless it has been approved in advance by the Student Union's board.