Other unions

Studentchoir Gungner
A mixed choir at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. The choir was founded in 1995 by David
Bodin. Over the years, the choir has been a significant element in Sundsvall's student life and
also attention in Sundsvall's other cultural life.
Facebook: @studentkörengungner

Radiosvallet - student radio
At the beginning of 2020, a radio channel was started at Mid Sweden University with the help of
the Student Union. Under the name Radiosvallet, students broadcast radio every Saturday.
Radiosvallet was started to give students an opportunity to learn even more about radio
and how it works to broadcast. On the one hand, students become more prepared when they enter the
labor market, but they also get a chance to create something of their own and have fun.
Every week, our editorial staff finds new topics to talk about, both high and low. It is with
us that you get info about the city's entertainment life, what happens at school, helpful tips about
student life, etc.
Instagram: @radiosvallet_ig
Facebook: @radiosvallet