The union board

The student union's board is the organization's executive body and its main task is to implement the business plan decided by the union meeting. The student union's chairman is ultimately responsible for the student union's activities and leads the board's work. The Vice Chairman has special responsibility for student union work and student social issues.

The board is responsible for ensuring that the student union's ongoing activities function as they should and between union meetings, the board is the highest decision-making body. It is our duty to ensure that you as a student at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall thrive in all conceivable situations and that you have a functioning student union activity to turn to if this should be needed. The board meets once a month.

Composition of the union board

Från och med 2021/09/01


Felicia Dyberg

+46 70 716 68 30

Vice chairman

Liz Oskarsson

+46 70 716 68 31

Vice chairman

Bipasha Boren

Ledamot - Event

Joakim "Dalle" Dahlin

Ledamot - Event

Mirza Becirovic

Ledamot - Event

Sandro Murad

Ledamot - Karriär och näringsliv

Fredric Hallgren

Ledamot - Marknadsföring

Rebecca Larsen

Ledamot - Marknadsföring

Douglas Almqvist

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ledamot - vakant


Suppleant - vakant


Suppleant - Allt-i-allo

Erik Lund

Suppleant - Utbildning

Jennifer Bergman

Suppleant - ALLT-I-ALLO

Aron Mehari