Student Representation

Being a student representative is one of the most important things you can do for your fellow students during your studies. In order for us students to secure our influence in education, we must together ensure that students are represented in all the University's preparatory and decision-making bodies. Appointing and organising student representation is therefore one of the most important tasks of the student councils.

It is important that you feel that you can always turn to us for support in your work as a student representative. Since you are elected by the Student Union, it is our job to help you. You can always get help from someone who knows your field or who has knowledge of the university body you are elected to.

Having student representatives on all university bodies is the essence of student influence; by being represented, we are able to provide a student perspective on issues that affect us. Student influence is crucial for the quality and development of education.

But what does a student representative do? A student representative is a student or doctoral student who is appointed by a student union as a member or deputy member of a decision-making or preparatory body within the university. This could be, for example, a body related to undergraduate education, postgraduate education, programme coordination, equal opportunities, the faculty or the department. For example, you may be a student representative for the subject or programme you are studying, where you as a student representative can help to express the views of other students and influence decisions taken in relation to your studies.

The way student representatives are appointed varies, but you are always elected as a representative of your fellow students on the mandate of the Student Union. The mission of the student representative is to provide a student and graduate student perspective on the issues being discussed and to help ensure that the decisions made benefit students and graduate students.