Collaborate with the student union

Sundsvall is full of students who can be of great benefit to you as an entrepreneur. The student union in Sundsvall offers many different contact routes to the city's students. Maybe you want to advertise so it reaches students? Are you looking for new staff? Or are you looking for a good alternative to having your corporate party?

Marketing channels for students

Student discounts

The student union is always interested in being able to offer more student discounts to our students in Sundsvall. We offer you exposure on the website under the tab "membership benefits" and in agreed publications on social media. In return, you offer students a discount on a service or item.

The Student Union's website

Every day, the student union's page is visited by students who want to stay up to date with current information. If you want to buy an advertising space, contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

Mount day on campus

If you want to visit the Sundsvall campus with your organization or company to inform about your activities, find members and more, it is the student union you should contact.

Business and student

Internship and degree projects

Are you in need of qualified trainees or do you have good ideas for degree projects at your workplace? Then the Student Union can help you get in touch with students! We can also arrange contacts to the university.