Member benefits

You who are a member of the Student Union in Sundsvall have the opportunity to enjoy a number of local and regional discounts. In some cases, we can also include local discounts in other parts of Sweden where we have a large proportion of distance students. What is stated on this site is in addition to any discounts you receive via Mecenat and the Student Card.

Sidsjö Hotell & Konferens

Here, a student discount is offered on accommodation, in exchange for proof of valid membership in the Student Union in Sundsvall. Contact the reception to find out current prices. Call 060-125 125 or email

The student union in Sundsvall's sport

Not active due to Covid-19

Twice a week we rent a gym and play various sports ranging from football to ghost ball. In addition to this, we have different teams in Korpen and before the spring of 2020 there will be floorball and then football in April.

Restaurang Grönborg
Som medlem hos SKS kan du köpa Grönborgskortet som är en del av ett samarbete mellan Restaurang Grönborg och SKS. För att läsa mer om avtalet och förmåner med Grönborgskortet läs här.
Wayne’s Coffee
Fikasugen? Då är det tur att som medlem eller uppvisat Mecenat/Studentkort får du 20% rabatt hos Wayne’s Coffee. 
Sushi Yama

Som medlem får du 10% hos Sushi Yama på en beställning. De ligger på Torggatan 4 i Sundsvall (Vid IN:gallerian).

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