Student Union's monthly newsletter

We are launching our new monthly newsletter!!!


Finally it's time to get back to work on our monthly newsletter!

It is something that has been important for us, partly to reach out in other ways than digitally, but also because we think that a student union needs a monthly newsletter. The monthly newsletter will be posted around campus every month. This will mainly be done in the toilets, which is a tradition that many unions have - also as a small tribute to our own predecessor "the shitington post".

All sections, line and cultural associations will have the opportunity to have their events and news published in the newsletter, subject to availability. We will of course also update the monthly newsletter digitally so that no one misses out on important information.

Help us with a new name for the newsletter!

In connection with the launch of the monthly newsletter, we would like your help in coming up with a new and clever name for the monthly newsletter. From "the shitington post" to... yes what? 

We are launching a competition (starting 5 December) where everyone will have the chance to name our monthly newsletter; the winning entry will win a lunch voucher at Grönborg worth SEK 600!

Namnet får självklart inte vara kränkande på något sätt men föregångaren till detta månadsbrev hette ” The shitington post”. Därför får det nya namnet också gärna anspela på “toaletthumor” då det dels är tradition, men också för att månadsbrevet främst kommer sättas upp på toaletterna runt om på campus. Om man har ett förslag utan detta inslag får man naturligtvis även skicka in detta, vi vill få in så många förslag som möjligt! Namnet ska även gå att översätta till engelska. 

Maila in förslaget till vår mail och skriv “tävling månadsbrev” i ämnesraden. Vi kommer utlysa en vinnare i slutet av december och namnet kommer lanseras på vårt månadsbrev i januari! Lycka till önskar vi på SKS!

Artist release!

Soon a big gig will be announced! The gig will be organised by all Sundsvall section and line associations. Keep an eye on Orbi, where more information will be coming soon. The event will be discounted for members!

Last membership meeting for 2022 completed!

On November 30, the last membership meeting of the 2022 fiscal year was held. At the membership meeting, among other things, the budget and business plan for the 2023 fiscal year were adopted. Among other things, the membership fee has been cut in half for people who sit on the boards of sections and line associations, a new vice president has been elected, and a host of various requested issues have been included in the organization's governing documents for the coming year!

Emboli has resurfaced!

The association of criminologists and nurses, among others, has reappeared as a section! To celebrate its comeback, Emboli is organising a pub day on 14 December, where sweet sounds in the form of karaoke are promised!