Before each new semester, the Student Union in Sundsvall (SKS) arranges an introductory week for the new students on behalf of Mid Sweden University. The purpose is to welcome and introduce all new students to Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall and student life. During the introductory weeks, various competitions and events are held in collaboration with line associations and other actors to get to know other students. A introductory weeks usually includes games, plays, party, song, fireball and dance. There are no exact rules for how a kick-in should take place, but each city and university has its own variant of introductory week and within the different programs there are different traditions. In Sundsvall, we focus on fun activities to get to know other students both new and old, learn how the studies work at Mid Sweden University and the city of Sundsvall. 

introductory weeks is often associated with embarrassment or doing things against one's will. We want to emphasize that it is NOT a description that fits into our introductory week. What is important for us is that everyone should have fun and get to know new friends. At the activities and events, you can of course choose between not having alcohol or having it. Non-alcoholic alternatives are always offered. Many people wonder what to wear during a introductory week - there is no special dress code for new students and when there is, the event shows everything from soft clothes to finely dressed. Those who arrange wear åvvar (overalls) in different colors where, depending on the color, you belong to a certain association. The student union in Sundsvall delegates the responsibility during the kick-in and you can always talk to one of the following:


Major Generals



Generals plan and carry out the introductory weeks and they have responsibility on site to ensure that everything rolls on. It is also responsible for its respective association.

Sponsors acts as helping hands and can answer most questions and consists of students who are already studying. Their primary task is for you as a new student to feel welcome and have fun.   

It can feel like a jungle of new information and things you can not do before the introductory weeks, therefore there is a introductory week guide for all new students. The inspection guide contains all the useful food information that you will need. The introductory week guide can be found here [insert link to introductory week guide] 

If you have any questions about the introductory week, contact SKS, major general, generals or sponsors!