Hazing/Inspark HT21

Finally it's time to welcome you to our beautiful stone city and hope that you will have a wonderful study time in the city that burned. The kick-in is the result of us students' commitment under the student union's umbrella and aims to help the new students feel welcome, find new friends and get to know the city.

Last year's hazing/kick off we had restrictions that stopped us from having a real kick-in with all line associations / sections together. Instead, each line association / section had a separate kick-in to make it as Covid as safe as possible. But now the restrictions will be lifted when the kick-in takes place and thus we can have a big joint hazing!
Together with the student associations/sections and cultural associations that will hold the day event and Grönborg where the evening event will take place, we welcome you to the hazing Autumn '21!

If you have further questions, you are warmly welcome to contact us and follow on social media!

Download the welcome letter and kick-off guide.

The welcome letter contains information about SKS, Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, the various student associations/sections

The welcome letter

The kick off guide contains everything you may need to know about the kick-in. The different terms, where the different day events will be and the evening events' different themes.

The kick-off guide

Kick-off movie

Hazing package/Insparkspaket

During the kick-off, you as a first-year student can buy kick-off packages from faddrar (sponsors) and generals. There are three different packages, the bronze package, the silver package and the gold package.

English version of the Kick-off package