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Välkommen till Studentkåren i Sundsvall – en kår av studenter, för studenter. 
Utöver att anordna gemensamma aktiviteter, så som dagsutflykter, fester, naturupplevelser, pubkvällar och nollning – allt det roliga som bidrar till en trevligare social tillvaro under din tid som student – jobbar vi även noggrant med studentinflytande och utbildningsbevakning. Vi brukar säga att vi är allt från glädje och gemenskap till allvar.

At Mid Sweden University, many of our students and members have organized themselves into what fraternities or cultural associations. They monitor all educations and ensure the qualities of the programs, something we do, among other things, through close contact with students at each program. In this way, we also ensure that student influence increases.

Become memeber today

Support us in our work for your interests as a student. Mid Sweden University and the goverment step in and to some extent support us financially, but we also need the students' political and financial support to actively work on improvements and pursue the issues that are most important to the students.

We are an independent non-profit organization that primarily works with students' rights and well-being. In dialogue with Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall county and many private and non-profit actors, we work to remedy any shortcomings in your education and to make Sundsvall a better student city. We are also the one who offers you a helping hand when you feel that you have been unfairly judged in your study results or when you for one reason or another feel bad and need support.

Become a student representative and influence your education

The influence of students is an important part of the Student Union in Sundsvall. Perhaps our main task is to ensure that students' interests are always monitored. We do this by appointing student representatives in various preparatory and decision-making bodies at the university. We always see that the students are represented, regardless of whether it is at a principal's meeting or in the disciplinary committee

Student representatives are at every stage of the school and depending on interest, there are a number of councils or committees, from the very top (university board) to locally on your program council. There is advice for different areas, such as the research college. There is also a subject college that influences questions about course literature, examiners and other things connected to each course.


The student union conducts work based on three principles:


Study socials

business connection

The purpose of the Student Union's educational policy work is through, dialogue, cooperation, articles and proposals. to influence things that affect students at the local and regional level. Our work on educational issues aims to monitor and improve students' interests, review the work environment, that all students are treated equally and based on the same treatment plan

En av Studentkårens viktigaste uppgifter är att representera studenterna i olika beslutande och beredande organ som finns på Mittuniversitetet. Vi representerar you i exakt alla nivåer vid Mittuniversitetet!
Från möte med din lärare till möte med rektorn. Vi ser till att din röst blir hörd vare sig det gäller nedläggning av en utbildning eller rekrytering av en rektor. Vi är där när professorer installeras och när avdelningar läggs ner. Vi är upphandlingspart för ditt boende och så mycket mer. Vi gör allt så att livet är värt att leva, helt enkelt.

Furthermore, the Student Union collaborates with Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall county, the business community and other external parties to strengthen students' opportunities for collaboration and development. In addition, the Student Union works with issues concerning other aspects of student life, such as the housing situation in Sundsvall and public transport.

In addition to these, we work actively for your financial situation. This is via discounts, offers and that we mediate offers from external parties.

International students get to experience Sundsvall

At Mid Sweden University, there are many international students, from all over the world. The student union in Sundsvall works actively so that they can be involved and influence, experience Sweden and get a cultural exchange during their studies. The student union is involved in organizing activities such as volleyball evenings, cultural meetings with cooking in the center and parties. We are also involved in arranging a trip to Lapland, where our international students get to experience the beautiful environments in Sundsvall and the surrounding area.

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